They say that exposure therapy can be very effective for treating irrational fears, so my terror of flying is getting a pretty serious workout this month. At the end of the month I’m flying to Glasgow for work (which I won’t bore you with), and last weekend Chris and I popped over to Switzerland for the weekend to visit his friend and best man from our wedding.

I’m fully aware that being afraid of flying is completely irrational, but sadly rational is still capable of having a panic attack on a turbulence-free short haul flight (seriously, I’ve never been on a flight that smooth). Luckily the steward was lovely about it and she brought me lots of napkins for my delightfully sweaty hands! Shredding napkins is the best therapy I have found so far.


DSC_0021But all my panic faded away when we touched down in Geneva to beautiful sunshine. To say Lake Geneva and the surrounding towns are pretty frigging beautiful doesn’t really do them justice. We moseyed about in the sunshine peeking into shop windows and occasionally popping down to the lakeside, just to check it was still there. I also spotted the most beautiful plant and flower shop ever…



DSC_0028We toddled up a mountain (well, we drove most of the way) and got a look at Mont Blanc in the distance. The tops of the mountains tend to poke out above a choker of clouds, making them look as though they are levitating in a surreal Magic Eye type effect. Sadly without a zoom lens the mighty Mont appears a little small in these pictures, but you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s there.

My parents used to take us to the Alps for summer holidays when I was little, and while I was never destined to become the world’s most enthusiastic mountaineer, there is something very nostalgic about this scenery.




Ooh, I do love a good mountain wood pile. We have a very modest version of our own in our living room fireplace. Which is purely decorative because fireplace fires are strictly verboten under the London Clean Air Act. Spoil sports.

Probably mine and Chris’s favourite excursion was an old steam boat along the lake. The views of imposing mountains were spectacular as always, but even more exciting was the actual mechanics of the boat itself. From an internal viewing gallery you could watch the steam pistons powering round, turning the paddle wheels and driving the boat forwards. Chris could quite happily have spent the entire trip mesmerised by them!




All in all a trip worth working on the flying for! I love to travel, and I get so annoyed that something so silly as being afraid of flying might stop me from seeing things like this. Because life is short, the world is wonderful, and I want to see as much of it as I can.

So for my Glasgow excursion I have bought a handy book entitled “Overcome Your Fear Of Flying”. Let’s see how this works out…


My week in trousers

Anyone keeping up with my instagram exploits will know that this week is One Week One Pattern, and that I have chosen to clothe myself exclusively in Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It. I’ve got two pairs now, one in navy and one in black, and I am pondering whether I can conjure up a third pair in grey…

To keep track of my #OWOP adventures, I rustled up a handy self-updating image gallery. Check back for all the latest snaps of me wearing trousers on instagram! Oh yes.

 Day 8 of #owop... And I'm about to get on a plane so opted for a comfortable schnuggly sweater dress over skinny trousers. I have my ultimates ready to change in to when I get there! #owop14  Back to navy for #owop day 5, with a splash of orange and comfy skates. #owop14 #indiesewing  Enjoying navy and white on my morning commute #owop #owop14 #indiesewing
 #owop day 6 (or 7? I lost count): adding some Friday colour to navy ultimates with a cheery sweatshirt #owop14 #indiesewing  I've got this smart malarkey nailed, although I feel a bit weird in so much black! #owop #owop14 #indiesewing  #owop14 day 3: blue @sewoveritlondon trousers, white Coco top and my favourite white brogues #owop #indiesewing (I'll try to get round to days 1 and 2 later!)
 Day 6 #owop dawns and today it's black Ultimates, grey fuzzy sweater and a CAPE. #owop14 #indiesewing  #owop day 4: black Ultimates and a (crumpled, oops) silk shirt, with my favourite smart shoes #owop14 #sewing #indiesewing

The fit on these trousers is not quite there yet. I think my upper body is too long for the pattern, as the waistband sits 3 inches below my natural waist rather than the advertised 2. Which means that when I sit down I am in definite danger of pants flashing. All of my styling choices for this week have involved long tops…

So I ran up a muslin with an increased crotch depth, but this didn’t fix the problem. I’ll try boosting the crotch length for my next muslin, and if that doesn’t work I’ll try to fashion a waistband out of the facing to make up the distance! And of course if anyone has any helpful suggestions for alterations, please let me know.

I’ve not had a lot of time for sewing this week so far, so instead I’ve been browsing through interior design books and have started a new crochet project. I am also yearning for an IKEA kitchen island cutting table ala Tilly and the Buttons! I love my little sewing space very much, but the desk height isn’t quite right for my back. Chris and I are thinking of moving house next year, and top of my wish list is a big light airy sewing space with room for a cutting table. And room for my wishful thinking, obvs.

The Big W

Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0467

The one piece of advice you always get as a bride-to-be is to revel in every moment of your wedding day because it will go by in a flash. Throughout our honeymoon all I could conjure up from my fuzzy memory was a really hot day, and the vague sensation that something really important had happened. So to help my ropey memory along in the future, I wrote a not quite hour by hour account of mine and Chris’s wedding day. To be accompanied by our wonderful wedding photographs.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Our photographers were Jess Orchard, of Jess Orchard Photography, and her assistant Hana, and they have done us more than proud. If you are planning a wedding in London or the Home Counties get in touch with Jess because as you can tell from the photographs, she is wonderful.


I woke up feeling like Christmas morning and promptly re-wrote my speech. Because normal. Then I dug out my 3DS and played Ocarina of Time until it was time to get up at 6.30am. Yes, you read it here first, I am a colossal geek.


Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0089

Me, my mum and my bridesmaids arrived at the hotel to get ready. There was a slight issue with the suite I had booked, in that the hotel hadn’t paid attention when I said I wanted it from 9am, and the previous occupant was still in it. I threw my bridal weight around a bit and threatened to start getting changed in their lobby, so in the end the four of us plus photographer ended up squeezed into a tiny double room up at the back of the hotel. With hindsight the way we were treated really pissed me off, but at the time I was really zen. I was riding the wedding train and you either jumped on behind or got off the tracks!!

Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0026

Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0007

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0082

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Lizzy and Chris Wedding-Lizzy and Chris Wedding HR-0085

Me, my mum and Chris’s mum grew/created all the flower arrangements for the day, including bouquets. I think we did ok! The two broaches pinned on the stems belonged to my Granny and Grandmother, who both passed away in 2008. I wanted to have a little memento of each of them to carry with me.

Also looking at these photographs you wouldn’t know that we were in a cramped, dark, overheated room. My amazing, scintillating, gorgeous bridesmaids worked their magic and transformed a frazzled little scruff into a rather respectable bride with flowers in her hair and everything. And props to Belle and Bunty for the most uh-may-zing dress. Seriously, I got so many compliments throughout the day and one person even asked if I had designed it myself! I wish.


Time to roll! My Daddy was waiting in the foyer downstairs and I was whisked into the back of this beautiful machine.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Let me introduce you to Daphne. She is a 1936 Austin 10 Open Road Tourer, bought by my dad in the 70s and his mechanical pride and joy. My cousins learned how to drive in her, but for many years she was tucked away in the garage at my Gran’s gathering dust and rust. A couple of years back my Dad and my cousin’s father-in-law met, discovered that they were both vintage car nuts, and so set about on a joint restoration project. I can’t begin to describe how much fun it was bowling along in the sunshine, winding through the country lanes to the wedding venue. We passed by another wedding car, to much mutual honking of horns and two brides waving at each other like crazy people. The ride was so much fun that I was actually a little sad when we arrived!

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Ok, not that sad.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Our venue was Ufton Court Tithe Barn in Berkshire, and right from our first visit Chris and I knew it suited us down to the ground. During the week the Tudor mansion house plays hosts to groups of city kids doing countryside things, and at the weekend their beautiful tithe barn is transformed into a wedding venue. The money from the weddings goes back into giving those kids a great time, which was what ultimately swayed our decision. That and how simply amazing the place is! Plus they had PIGLETS. Nuff said.



View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Ba bum ba-bum, ba bum ba-bum…

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding1.45pm

Now we’re married, we drink! It sounds weird to say it, but I was really surprised to see everyone at my wedding. I know they had RSVP-ed, and we knew who was coming, but I didn’t actually think they would come. I had the time of my life running around and hugging everyone. Words were said, confetti was thrown, and croquet was played! Actually some seriously competitive croquet was played – serious smack talk went down, and there may even have been some minor gambling…

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

The beautiful silver pieces on the top of our cake were donated by my great Auntie. The wax flowers date from my great grandparent’s silver wedding anniversary in the 50s, and the little silver shoes are of mysterious origin but very apt!

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

I’m so happy that Jess captured this picture of me and my mum. It’s one of those beautiful, spontaneous images that I am so thrilled to have, and that makes me really appreciate how clever and semi-psychic wedding photographers have to be.

I started to loose track of time at this point. Jess whisked me and Chris away from the crowds to take some couple shots, which was lovely.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

While wafting elegantly around the gardens having my picture taken, a lost little bee decided to crawl underneath the top skirt of my dress! I was very chilled about having a bee up my skirt, but Chris sprang into action and released the silly bumble onto a nearby lavender plant.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Silly bee.

Then came the jolly job of rounding up the family for group photographs – my Pa had the knack of disappearing at the crucial moment!

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Check out these guys! My lovely handsome brothers, who both scrub up rather well. They ushered heroically despite the heat, and managed to remain composed in three piece suits. Nick (the heartbreaker on the left) kept his jacket on long after the other wedding party men had discarded theirs!


I was pretty exhausted by this point. I am a bit of a hermit by nature, and find it very odd being the centre of attention! But I did enjoy getting up to give my speech. Not usual for a bride I know, but there was no way I going to sit back and let the men do all the talking!

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding


Bring on the cake! And the dancing!

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-wedding

Chris is not a natural born shaker of the tail-feather, but I think we did pretty well.

View More: http://jessorchardphotography.pass.us/lizzy-and-chris-weddingAfter that everything dissolves into a giddy haze of dancing! I had a wonderful, slightly overwhelming day with all my most favourite people. And it is quite fun thinking up different permutations of husband to call Chris. Hubs, hubatron, husband unit, oafs-band (for when he steps on my feet)… the options are endless!