Living with an alligator

Because I’m always snapping at things with my phone. Oh yes, my puns are that good.

collage 1

Planning new blog posts over breakfast on a Saturday morning // A cheeky stop at Bill’s in Clink Street for pre-work pancakes // Admiring the decorative bicycle over brunch in our local cafe

I’m not very good at twitter. I like long words, I’m prone to rambling and tangents, and I don’t have a very focussed thought process. 140 characters is my equivalent of a verbal straight jacket.

collage 2

It was a sewing heavy birthday this year // Proto sweater // Remember when it was sunny? I made tension swatches in the garden

Instagram on the other hand is my kinda social media, being a constant stream of images and no limit on the verbiage. And while phone cameras are getting better all the time they are no match for my cheeky Nikon D5100, and I rather enjoy the challenge of trying to compose an interesting or artistic shot with more the more limited tech.

collage 3

Wedding done? Well I’m cutting off all my hair // Toothless! // Playing some really odd card games in the pub

collage 4

My mum dug out this perfect old photo of me and my dad c. 1990 // What, loitering? Me? As if. Now hand over the knitting! // Experimenting with backless garments…

So when you can’t find me on here, nip on over to the ‘gram, and the odds are good I’ll be there with a snappy little life update!

What do you think?