Why I decided to monetise my blog

Fashionary sewing diary

So there have been a few small changes around here, and I thought it would be important to let you in on them.

I’m very likely to always be a hobby blogger. I know what it takes to be a professional, and while that is often what I aspire to, I am also a bitter realist who realises that working from home in my sewing room every day is probably no more than a rose-tinted pipe dream. But that’s not to say I don’t want to develop my blog, and push it to become something a little bigger, and a little shinier. I’m rather proud of my side hustle, and I’d like to take it to another, slightly more professional level. So I’ve dipped a toe into the unfamiliar waters of blog monetisation.

First up I signed up for Google Adsense, and that little algorithm is now cheerfully placing goodness-knows-what in my sidebar. Adsense works on pay per click, with the amount of pay being determined by the advertiser. Google is supposedly smart enough to serve only relevant content to readers, and right now I’m looking at a delightful ad for Craftsy, so I hope that stays put. Adsense also has a reputation for occasionally having a meltdown and placing really bizarre ads. I have blocked a lot of things from appearing (porn, guns, naked people, etc) but if you see anything in that box that you find inappropriate, offensive or even just weird please let me know!

I’ve also joined a couple of affiliate programs. The first was the Amazon affiliate program, which was a good fit for me because I buy a lot of craft supplies through them. The premise is simple: I post a DIY or a book review containing an affiliate link to a product on Amazon. If you follow that link and make a purchase, I earn 10% of that purchase price. For the future I will always mark affiliate links with an asterisk * so that you know if you’re clicking on one.

Finally, I have also joined the Wool and the Gang affiliate program, which much like the Amazon one nets me 10% of any product you might buy if you follow an affiliate link from my site. Wool and the Gang is an amazing fit for me, as long-time readers will know that I am something of a enormous WATG fangirl. At present the only WATG affiliate link is that rather beautiful box ad in the sidebar.

Why am I telling you all this? Well I think it’s really important to be open about advertising on blogs, particularly when it’s through affiliate schemes that are sometimes less visible than big old traditional banner ads.

Also, I like to share blogging tips and advice, and for many people, including myself, monetisation is a big and rather scary step. So if you have any questions about any of these networks please give me a shout.

On the sewing front, I have finally managed to carve myself a little creative niche in the midst of the unpacking chaos. I’m not sure I’ll be tackling any big projects for the moment, but I may have some smaller things to share in the not so distant future!

What do you think?