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September 2017

Mother & Baby – OMG I’m Having a Baby! (UK print)

June 2017

Simple and Season – How to get inspired – From the Instagram community

Adventures and Tea Parties – Blog Gem – Song of the Stitch

Women and Home – How to overcome even the most extreme fear of flying

Huffington Post Women – Six women on why they kept their name after marriage (and how their family reacted)

Science journalism has been my bread and butter for most of my career, so for fun I’ve included some of my favourites here as well. If you’re interested I keep a slightly more detailed portfolio of science writing here.

Front Line Genomics – “Give Yourself Permission to be Challenged” (Interview)

Front Line Genomics – Bioinformatics: taking on a disease of the genome

Understanding Animal Research – Do scientists dream of laboratory mice?

The Sun – Animals can teach us a thing or two about beating diseases (print, UK). Sadly no digital edition exists, so here you go! (Click to enlarge).

How naked mole rat can help cure cancer