Welcome to song + stitch!

Lizzy is standing on a rocky shoreline in Dorset, holding tight to Ben who is trying his best to escape

I’m Lizzy. I love afternoon sunshine, the Welsh coastline, and anything with cinnamon. I am a mother, a writer, a scientist, a feminist, and a very deep thinker. I do lots of my thinking in writing, in stacks of different notebooks and here, at song + stitch. 

More than anything I love to tell stories.

I believe that we are connected and empowered by the stories that we share, and that we can use the power of our stories to make magical things happen. 

Let’s get to know each other!

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Afternoon Stories

A monthly letter for writers and creatives

I am forever amazed by the ways that we express ourselves in writing. The words that we choose, the techniques we use to circumnavigate our creative blocks. What we can do to create rhythm and simplicity in the practice of writing, and our wider creative lives.

Once a month I sit down at my kitchen table and pour out these thoughts and ideas into a letter for my community, my Afternoon Stories. Come and join us for writing tips and practices, creative prompts, and support for bringing your stories to life on the page.

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Do you ever feel lost for words?

You can feel your ideas prickling away at the back of your mind. Stories that you are yearning to tell, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Somewhere between your brain and the page in front of you your words evaporate into thin air.

I have written something for you.

Ease & Flow is a guide to help you develop and hone a writing practice that nurtures and inspires your creativity. One that works for you, that suits your life and your energy, and that will bring you confidence with your written words. 

I firmly believe that developing your own relationship with the ease and flow of your writing can be a powerful first step to creating beautiful work that better reflects you as a person.

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