And now for some knitting


I’m getting back into my knitting at the moment. Some of you may, or may not know, that I am in the final weeks of organising my wedding. Which is of course terribly exciting, but if you know anything about weddings you will be aware that they are all-consuming monsters that leave no time for just doin’ yo thang. In my case settling down for a good old stitch-fest.

Sewing is quite a time-consuming, and at least for me, solitary activity that I can’t really fit into the same evening as designing centrepieces, finalising a menu or contacting a DJ, as well as settling down for some quality time with the future hubatron in question and a couple of episodes of Hannibal. But even weighed down by yarn and needles I can still coordinate our wedding plans and admire one of Denmark’s finest exports in action as a charismatic psychopath.


This is the world’s simplest clutch, worked entirely in linen stitch, which makes a gorgeous sturdy fabric. The strap to keep the bag closed is crochet – a simple chain just longer than the bag width, with a row of double (or single if you’re from the US) crochet on top. Voila, one really casual day clutch to add a bit of knitty gritty texture to a regular day outfit. For this clutch I used bulky yarn (Rowan big wool) on 10mm needles, but super bulky would actually make a much more robust fabric – I had a little experiment with some leftover Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool and oh my, sexy indeed.

I have actually ordered a humongous pile of yarn and knitting toys from Wool and the Gang, which I am very excited about! Needless to say expect another hyperactive knitty post before too long.

What do you think?