Hello world (again)


Ah internet, we meet again. It seems like only yesterday that I sat down to write my first ever blog post (that was four and a half years ago), and here I am doing it all again. The first post of a brand new blog! Needless to say I feel quite giddy.

My name is Lizzy, and I started my blogging life writing about fashion. At the time it was a good fit for me, being as I (still) am clothes obsessed. I learned all sorts of fancy coding, I learned how to be a competent photographer, I went to some lovely events and met really super people. My foray into blogging even helped to get me my dream day job (in science communication believe it or not). But I knew I just wasn’t into it any more when taking photos of my outfits and working out what to say about them became a chore. The time was right to move on and find the fun somewhere else.

Over the last few years, and more so in the last few months, my fascination with all things sartorial has shifted from buying to making. I’ve been sewing and knitting since I was knee high to something short, and have even rustled up quite a few garments of my own. But I’ve never let it occupy my free time and all my free brain space in the way it does now. All the excitement I used to feel about clothes shopping, all the hours I would spend browsing ASOS and other such websites, have been completely overtaken by a lust for fabric. And every time I tried to write something for my fashion blog, whether about sewing or otherwise, I felt dogged by the fashion precedent I’d already set for myself, something I just didn’t care about in the way that I used to. So I decided out with the old, and in with something completely different!

So what to expect here? Well oodles of sewing for one – I want this blog to be something of a sewing diary, where I share projects I’m working on, finished garments, the successes (and the failures) and new patterns, fabrics, websites, even new tools that I am excited about. Along with anything else that inspires me or happens to make me happy.

If you’ve found your way here from my old blog, I hope that you stay to have a little explore.


For your reading pleasure, I’ve uploaded a few posts from the pre Song of the Stitch days that focus on my crafty life, along with a few other happy life things. Click on the pictures for links!


What do you think?