One weekend, two Cocos


There is some serious Coco mania going on in this house. I made two this weekend, and have enough fabric left over for several more…

On a side note, I sometimes wonder what the global population of Cocos currently stands at; probably enough to clothe the inhabitants of a small Pacific island as though they were on a weekend jaunt to the south of France.

White coco

I bought Tilly’s pattern a couple of weeks back, and promptly made space in my sewing schedule to make one. I bought three interlock knits from Tia Knight (formally Tissu fabrics) in red, white and French blue (or should that be bleu, ooh la la). My experience with them was reasonably positive and the fabrics are lovely, so I’ll write a wee review and pop that up soon.


I like my clothes simple and unfussy, and the Coco lends itself really well to this. Instead of worrying about fiddly construction I can focus on my love of COLOUR. Delicious colour. Simple red dress for a Sunday night down the local avec le fiance? Sorted. Smart white top for an important work meeting? Oui madame. Elegant blue for lounging about the house in comfort? Yessiree bob. Ok, so the blue one is still in bits, but soon, soon it will live! (insert maniacal laugh and references to Igor here).

I am now left pondering just how long it will be before I have more Cocos than there are Pacific islanders?

If you want to have a stab at making your own army of Cocos, you can buy the pattern from Tilly’s website.

Have you made Coco, and what did you think?

What do you think?