Pleasure with pleather

Try saying that five times fast. And then once you have unwrapped your tongue from around your neck, what do you think of working with pleather? Actually, that’s such an icky word, let’s call it ‘vegan-friendly leather’ instead. Or VFL for short, because hey, I’m cool like that.


I was inspired to try out the leather abilities of my sewing machine after reading this post from Love Aesthetics, one of those amazing minimalist lifestyle and fashion blogs that I simultaneously adore and hate because reading it makes me feel so uncool. But in an experiment to see whether one can absorb Scandinavian designer cool by osmosis, I went out to buy special leather needles for my sewing machine, and one metre of cheap white vinyl upholstery VFL fabric from Amazon. On a side note, does anyone else get really excited buying new sewing tools, even something as simple as new needles? I am such a gadget dork, but more on that story later.


I wanted to have a go at making my own tote bag, ala Love Aesthetics, which I did, but needless to say mine was not that cool. It had one trip outside the house, but the straps are a bit flimsy (I’ve already repaired them once) and the bottom is wonky. Not so bad that you’d notice, but it REALLY bothers me. Because OCD.


But the project that turned out really super awesome was this foldover clutch. I used this DIY from Randomly Happy, who also used VFL, and I am really happy with the result. I love the contrast between the white and navy zip, he lovely squidgy texture, and isn’t the tassle adorable? This little project is a big tick in the sewing success column. These photos were actually taken in the local park en route to the pub for a Sunday night pick-me-up dinner with Chris (who took the photos, because he is lovely like that); proof that even my flimsy makes can survive in the real world. Actually I was pretty chuffed because not only was my clutch made by me, but so was my dress (my second Tilly and the Buttons Coco in as many days!).

I’d love to know your thoughts on working with real vs pretend – do you have a preference? My only complaint would be the sickly plastic smell, but I am hoping that might dissipate with time (??).

What do you think?