Double freakin’ tracing wheel

Oh I do love my sewing gadgets, oh yes I do.


Wowzas, would you look at that? Not one line of carbon, but two…

My little single wheel Singer, bright beautiful green as it is, is feeling somewhat inadequate!


I’ve been lusting for one of these babies for quite a while, but they appear to be equivalent to rocking horse poo in terms of general availability (as in rarer than). At least in the UK. I eventually tracked one down through an Amazon seller, so if you want some double tracing wheel action in your life this is the place to party.

I always used to be a chalk girl. I was never a paper/fabric combo cutter, I love my sharp shears too much for that. But discovering dressmaker carbon paper was a bit of a game changer for me. It’s a line of cute little dots! What’s not to like? (Ehem, doesn’t wash out ehem).


But why do you need double the trouble I hear you asking? Well, I am a big fan of Burda Style magazine (20+ free patterns for £5? Boom), but their patterns do not include seam allowances, and muggins here has sometimes only remembered this after irreversible cutting out has happened (bugger). But the beauty of this little gadget is that you can set the second wheel to mark your seam allowance as you trace. So simple, and yet such a perfect solution for those who are easily distracted.

Do you use a tracing wheel, and have you ever tried one of these babies? Or do you have a foolproof method for remembering your seam allowances? If so please share your wisdom with me oh wise master!

What do you think?