The most beautiful print imaginable

Ok, so the title of this post might be a bit hyperbole-tastic.


But let’s all take a moment to adore the stunning colours in this print. Fabric nerds – 10 points if you can identify it!


Why yes, that would be Liberty tana lawn in ‘Hera’. And boy was I chuffed when I found two metres of it just lying around on ebay. I adore Liberty Fabrics, my favourite by a country mile being ‘Strawberry Thief’, but buying any more than a fat quarter can leave your wallet feeling a little skinny. So ebay is not a bad place to look for genuine Liberty with a chunk of the price shaved off.

But here is the twenty quid question: what shall I do with it? Aside from roll around hugging it and chuckling psychotically to myself. I have two metres of blue and gold awesome-ness to play with. It’s lightweight, drapes beautifully and has all the sizzling sex appeal inherent to tana lawn. I want to make something special to wear for my birthday (coming up at the end of July, a mere three days before my wedding), and at the moment the plan is a maxi dress.


I don’t have a pattern as such, just a very clear idea of what I want. So I am in the process of trying to make my own pattern by creating the outline of the dress I want on my mannequin using yarn and pins. I read about this technique in How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns, so I shall report back on how well it works!




So far so good, the design seems to be working out. Hopefully I’ll have something stunning, or at least half decent to share before too long. Have you ever tried designing a pattern using this method?

What do you think?