What’s in my (Tilly and the Buttons) bag


What’s in my bag (or WIMB, if you will) is a staple post for any fashion blogger. When in doubt rummage through your bag, which is pretty and covetable and usually new, find the most photogenic items (ixnay the crumpled receipts), and photograph them against a chic background.

In a little nod to my #fbblogger heritage, I decided to do a wee sewist twist on WIMB, by giving you a glimpse of all the fabulous things I am lugging around in my Tilly and the Buttons tote bag.


The bag itself was purchased from the woman herself at the Makegood festival. I toddled over for a couple of hours on the final day and had a lovely time. I chatted about quilting, found some amazing sewing patterns for underwear, bought some Russian Caravan tea leaves for Chris from a beautiful little tea stall, and of course met the fabulous Tilly herself. And bought a bag. This bag. Love it.

I emptied this bag out after a Saturday of train travel – I actually popped down to my parents’ for the day with my wedding dress in tow! Well I had to hide it from the groom’s prying eyes somewhere.


Let’s skip over the usual, boring bits – one well-loved Kurt Geiger wallet, travel cards, train tickets, dying phone and a really exciting-looking novel that I haven’t started reading yet – and get to the good stuff.


My knitting fetish continues unabashed along with my love for Wool and the Gang, and for this particular train journey I had a cheeky cone of jersey yarn stashed in my bag. I’m working on a couple of different things at the moment, including the latest clutch bag, but for this journey I focussed on rustling up a couple of bracelets. Hence the screwdriver, because I know you were wondering.



I also started working on a simple beanie hat, but sadly once finished it was way too small, and ended up being frogged. I’ve just finished making it up in a larger size, but not in time to take these photos!

How do you feel about knitted jewellery? I think it’s the bomb diggedy, and I love this design because if you ever get bored of the colours or the length you can just unscrew the clasp and make a whole new piece. Which for me is one of the greatest parts about making your own anything; because if you ever tire of it you can change it. I’ve got another one of the ring clasps currently attached to a necklace that is just begging for transformation! These really remind me of the woven friendship bracelets that we all used to make as kids. But way cooler, obvs.

What do you think?