Back into the world

I’ve been a bit silent over the last few weeks, but in my defence I was getting married and then hiding from all things wifi on honeymoon. Which was pretty glorious!


We haven’t had the official wedding photos back yet, so I’ll hold off on telling that incredible story for the moment. Chris and I did pretty much everything apart from the catering ourselves, and to my utter astonishment it came out really well, from invites to flowers to our seating chart (upon which a bizarre amount of praise was heaped!). I might do a little series on DIY wedding stuff if that sounds appealing.

Anyway, what I do have are many tales from our honeymoon. We dithered between going somewhere really fancy in the UK, or spending that money on some cheap flights. The latter option (which comes with increased probability of good weather) won out and two days and one delayed flight after our wedding we touched down in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


I love arriving in new places at night. We were met at the airport by a sleek black BMW that whisked us through the darkened streets at breakneck speed, past tantalising glimpses of the old town (aka King’s Landing, Game Of Thrones fans) and sparkling harbour lights. Chris had arranged our hotel – the Dubrovnik Palace in the Lapad district – in secret, and had apparently told them it was our honeymoon in the hope of blagging a free meal or some champagne. So we were both a bit taken aback to find we had been upgraded to an ‘ambassadorial’ suite.


Errrmahgaaahd. According to an article in Stylist magazine, the Game of Thrones cast have stayed in these suites when filming, which clearly means that I have slept in John Snow’s bed. (I am choosing to believe). We wondered around our room(s) and bathroom(s) speechless for a few minutes before collapsing into said bed, assuming that we were experiencing a shared hallucination through tiredness.


Clearly not! Waking up to this view was the best possible way to start our adventure. This is why arriving in the dark is so wonderful: because the morning light brings so many surprises.

What do you think?