Blue squidge

DSC_1242_editAnother clutch bag for the gallery, oh yes. It’s been mentioned in two posts so far (here and here), and finally I’ve got around to actually photographing the wee beggar.



And this wee beggar as well! He was a gift from one of my bridesmaids the night before my wedding, to keep me calm, and because she knows how much I love How To Train Your Dragon. We’re talking full blown obsession here. I can’t hear certain parts of the soundtrack without weeping for joy.

So rather fittingly my gorgeous, squidgy, chunky clutch had it’s first outing to the uber glamorous Odeon in Beckenham to see the second instalment of Toothless’ adventures. Excellent film, shame about the cinema! Seriously though, you pay £20 for minimal leg room and the dubious company of other people’s children and their popcorn. Give me my own living room, a glass of bubbly and some homemade pudding any day.


DSC_1238_editBut I digress. I had such a blast making this clutch bag; the yarn – a stretchy cotton made from t-shirt offcuts – is just lovely, and knits up into this amazing squidgy fabric, and the final bag is so sturdy that I’ll actually use it for more than just show. I might even make another one…

What do you think?