Brother from another mother


I’ve acquired lots of new family members recently, it’s one of the wonderful bonuses of getting married. Aside from the lifelong partnership with the person of your dreams and all that malarkey.

But I especially want you to meet this new family member. So excited in fact, that I couldn’t resist some cheeky punnage.


Yep, I have taken the plunge and purchased my first overlocker. As our plane bounced through turbulence on the way back from honeymoon I vowed that once I had both feet back on solid ground and my legs had stopped shaking I would live life to the max and get one. Also because I had some birthday Amazon vouchers to spend.

I opted for the Brother M1034D because it is a relatively inexpensive starter machine that had received reasonable reviews, with various sewists praising its colour-coded threading mechanism. I expected threading an overlocker to be of a similar difficulty level to escaping from Jumanji, so I was pretty happy that this one came pre-threaded.


Aye caramba! More complex than carbohydrates.

Incidentally, Amazon really nailed it with the delivery. I placed my order on Sunday morning, and it was delivered on Monday lunchtime. (And left with my neighbours rather than being taken to a depot miles away). So after a naturally traumatic first day back in the office post-holiday (no naptime, waaaaaaaaaahhh) I did at least have a new toy to play with. And in his new role as virtuous loving husband Chris let me play and squeak with delight while he went to cook the dinner.

Without having anything to compare my new sibling to I am very happy with it. There’s nothing quite like a bit of Brotherly love.

[Note: The management of SOTS would like to apologise for the terrible onslaught of puns in this post]

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