Something about mice and planning

So I promised you all a sewing fail, and here it is. It’s a really annoying one actually, because I wrote a post right at the start of this project about how excited I was about it! Sigh, lesson learned.


You know that feeling where you get super excited about a project, you think you’ve planned it perfectly, you stitch it up oh so carefully, and when it’s all done it just… well… looks really handmade. Not hand crafted you understand, but child’s pasta picture with poster paints handmade. “It’s so good I’m going to put it on the fridge, riiiiight here” handmade.


Humpf, it looks better on Gladys than it does on me! (Gladys is the dress form).



Well that’s what happened with my Liberty print maxi dress. I sketched, I drafted a pattern, I made a muslin, I perfected my French seams and at the end of all that I might as well have used a glue gun and staples for all the difference that effort made.


Oh well, I never met a problem that I didn’t want to solve. Just call me Dr Fix It. I’m pondering what to do with this creation, and I’m in two minds. Either I shall dismantle it and make something completely different, or try to rescue it. At the moment the best rescue remedy I can think of is to shorten it to either a knee length or a mini dress. The top half fits really well, but I think it’s the length and those side splits that are letting the side down. What do you think?


For the moment however I am drowning my sorrows the best way I know how (after margaritas): more fabric, and moving on to the next project (which was a lot more successful!).

Have you ever been disappointed by a sewing adventure before? And more importantly how did you fix it?

What do you think?