Bumper jumper update

Gettin’ knitty with it, na na na nah n-na nah. I totally believe that was the rap that Will Smith meant to write. None of this jiggy nonsense.


I’ll be honest, I’ve gone a bit hyper on the whole making my own clothes thing lately. It is not uncommon for me to run up at least two garments every weekend. But in my defence I get so excited!! Partly because  know at the end of it I’ll have something new to wear (always a plus) but also because with each new project I try to add a new skill to my repertoire – last time out it was an exposed zipper, and before that it was lining a skirt. When it comes to my sewing I am astonishingly bad at documenting the making process. The red mist descends and I get completely focussed on the rise and fall of the needle, and nothing will tear me away until the garment is finished.

In that context it’s not really surprising that I currently have two jumpers on the go. But perhaps it is surprising that I found a moment to put down my knitting needles and take some snaps during the knitting process! Jumper number one is a sexy little off white baby alpaca number, while number two is a pale pink cotton affair. Both are worked all over in moss stitch and the construction is beautifully simple: two squares from front and back and a rectangle for each sleeve. In spite of this I expect the warmer weather will have come around again before I have both of them finished, but hey, a girl can dream happy woolly dreams.



I just had to take some moss stitch close ups – isn’t it beautiful?? The pink jumper in particular is going to need a lot of blocking to even out some of my tension boo boos, but thankfully the creamy alpaca yarn is more forgiving of my uneven handling. For moss you cast on an odd number of stitches and then work knit one purl one from the beginning to end of every row. I recently heard about a stitch called moss stitch rib, which as its name suggests is a hybrid of the two. All I can say is that it looks amazing, and once these two beauties are off the needles and into my wardrobe I’ll be having a play.

The patterns and the yarn are, once again, both from Wool And The Gang; one is the Superbowl Sweater, and the other is the Julia Sweater. You would be forgiven for thinking that I’m  the teensiest bit obsessed or something.

DSC_1356_editSo as the evenings get darker and Christmas creeps ever closer, this is where you will find me: under a (homemade) blanket on the sofa, hiding behind my knitting needles. And maybe some mulled wine. Because awesome.

Love to all, I hope you’re finding something to keep the dark winter evening blues away! xx

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