A pile of pyjamas

What’s your go to comfort sewing?

Myself, I’m a bit of pyjama addict. Is there anything better than slogging in from work, pulling on some comfy PJs and a big soft sweater and pouring a glass of wine? Hell no there isn’t. But the perfect pair of jam jams is a tricky beast. For me the chief criteria are extra length in the legs and an elasticated waist. My ‘jama bottom stash is also one of the few areas of my wardrobe where I’ll allow a bit of flamboyance, namely funky prints. My every day wear is largely block colours, but for chillin’ like a villain you can’t beat a splash of paisley, some cheeky tartan or even some cute little elephants.
PJs are actually remarkably hard to photograph when you’re not wearing them. But some days I feel much happier behind the camera than in front of it, so I have to be a little creative!
My current pattern au choix for jimmies is Margot from Tilly’s book Love At First Stitch. I tend to make them a size larger than needed, because who wants close fitting loungewear? So far I have experimented with a slightly stiffer dress weight cotton (comfy but a little rigid), brushed cotton tartan (so schnuggly) and the lightest floatiest paisley cotton lawn.
The latter came from a recent trip to the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham. I was in town for work, attending the Conservative Party Conference, and felt it would just be rude not to visit. If you are ever in Brum you have to go. The choice can be a little overwhelming – imagine floor to ceiling of non-stop fabric, spread over four floors – but take your time, remember to breathe, and just enjoy the experience. Having a mental shopping list can also be really helpful; certainly trying to limit myself to PJ fabric and grey wool stopped me from getting too overwhelmed, although I still spent a lot more money than I was intending to!
I was also hoping for some neoprene and some classic breton stripe jersey, but no joy. They have an amazing selection of plain knits, but fewer stripes. Oh well, I did eventually find my perfect stripe!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious lounging to do.

What do you think?