Contrast yoke Coco (aka a Total Style Departure)

DSC_1387_edit-4There has been a definite trend to my sewing over the last few months. Lots of grey, navy, white and black; chic wintery colours. I’m actually working on something more seasonal in grey wool at the moment; this little Coco dress was a sideline that I’ve been toying with for a while. Presumably my choice of neutral colour palette is responsible for what could be generously described as a colour outrage.

Meet Yoko, the contrast yoke Coco. Yes she is the terrible, irresistible pun that just keeps on giving. Breaking up the beautiful harmony of my neutral capsule wardrobe band with her hippy notions of colour and contrasting stripes. Look at her there, disrupting the creative vision of carefully coordinating separates. I often like to think I have my personal style nailed, but sometimes the temptation to experiment with something wildly outside my comfort zone is just too, well, tempting.


I’ve been oggling the contrast yoke Coco variations on Tilly’s blog for a while now, trying to decide whether the departure from one simple colour is a little too zany for me or not. What swung the decision was the huge pile of knit fabric scraps I have lying around the house – I hate having excess remnants. In this case I had stripes left over from this Coco, and a splash of red from this one. All it took was the return of my overlocker pedal, which I foolishly left at my parents’ house, to bring this baby to life.

And you know what, Frankenstein may have rejected his monster, but I adore mine.

DSC_1387_edit-3I’m just sad that it’s now too cold to show off the short sleeves or beautiful contrast stripes!

What do you think?