Me made somedays

DSC_1343_editFirst up, who would have thought there were so many former (or current!) Sylvanian Families fans out there! Thank you so much for all love on my silly little post about dressmaking for tiny bears, it really made my weekend. I was even featured by the lovely Harriet in her ‘Lazy Sunday Links‘ round up, which is a serious honour, and I am extremely grateful.

I wanted to share a few photographs today that show another ‘me made’ outfit in action. Although serious, regular, obsessive dressmaking has only been my thing for the last few months I am already building up a small collection of me made garments that I wear a lot. I mean every day a lot. Chris took these photos for me ages ago, and to be honest they’re not the best shots of me. I really wasn’t feeling photogenic that day! But the outfit is a winner, and one of my favourites at the moment. Take one edgy mini in grey wool and add a classic striped top: fashion magic.



Yeesh, more awkward pos-ang. Anyhoo, do I even need to tell you whose shirt pattern this is? Yet another Coco to swell the ranks of the global army. I myself command a modest battalion of six so far, although two of those are scheduled to be dismantled because, well, they need rethinking.

Capital Chic Manhattan skirt

The skirt is another Capital Chic pattern, the Manhattan mini skirt, which I knew I had to make the moment I saw it. This is the A version, slightly shorter and with a chunk taken out of the front hemline. I actually had a bit of a nightmare getting this skirt to fit properly. Clearly I’m just too generous in the Kim Kardashian department for conventional skirt sizing, and normally the styles I go for are pretty free over the hips. My first attempt – the size 12 – was too small across the hips. So I cut the size 14 instead, and still ended up having to let the side seams out by 1cm on each side. Once I’d made those adjustments of course the waist was too big, so I took the excess out of the back seam when I fitted the zipper. This has made a slightly strange dip in the back waistband, bit as I am a scruffy little otter who always has her shirt untucked, I don’t think anyone will notice.

Speaking of zippers, let’s have a quickie close-up…



That chaps is my first ever exposed zip. Not too shabby huh? This is also the first time I have lined a skirt, using a simple white cotton from my stash. When I started to really work on smartening up my dressmaking skills, I had only ever sewn in zips by hand in a really rough and ready fashion. Now I bet even the most fiddly of zip insertions couldn’t phase me! (Although please don’t test me on that).

Getting dressed in the morning has always given me far more pleasure than it should, and putting together outfits combining clothes that I have made is a whole new level of euphoric awesomeness! These pieces may be very simple, but they give me enormous pleasure.

What do you think?