The morning after

Don’t you just love a lazy Saturday? I am often so busy at weekends that I forget how brilliant it is to wake up when you want, do what you want and when, and to have time for all your personal rituals.



DSC_1394_editDespite a late night on Friday I woke up early this particular Saturday, and after a longer-than-usual shower complete with some sale treats from the Body Shop (the raspberry body scrub is to die for), I wiggled into a sweatshirt and the softest, comfiest skinny trousers I have ever owned and went off to get my hair cut.

DSC_1415_editOne hour later and freshly chopped I flagged down this handsome reprobate on the high street and we went in search of brunch. Our little corner of South London isn’t exactly a destination brunch location, but we have some gorgeous local cafes that do a mean full English, with more gems springing up all the time. Recently the local pavilion in the park was given a full renovation and turned into a lovely cafe that has become very popular very quickly. And with good reason!


DSC_1361_editMy hairdresser, who is a guru of local gossip and recommendations, suggested I try the veggie breakfast. One mention of grilled halloumi skewers and I was sold. Accompanied by a scalding hot latte and fresh orange juice.



DSC_1363_editThe outfit is fairly representative of what I like to wear at the moment: usually a mixture of my own makes and some ready to wear pieces. As niche as it may be a neoprene sweatshirt (in this case Capital Chic White Russian) is definitely one of my staple wardrobe pieces! I’ve worn this sweatshirt so many times, and the fabric is starting to wear in really nicely. I’ve found that cheaper ‘scuba’ fabrics can develop runs and pulls really easily and end up looking a little naff after a few outings. More neoprene-y fabrics tend to wear more like leather jackets (or indeed wetsuits!), developing creases and rumples that all add character.

The trousers are a new buy from Charlie May, my favourite womenswear designer. Buying one of her pieces is always an investment for me, one that requires a little saving up or some creative accountancy, but for me the effort and the wait are totally worth it. Oh my, these are so comfy, and to keep Chris happy they have ‘bits missing’; apparently this is a theme with my clothes, from things being backless to knee-less to crotch-less (ok, not that last one). I felt that since the sweatshirt was inspired by Charlie May’s AW14 collection it was only fair to wear it with an actual piece from the collection!



DSC_1403_editI dub this look my ‘morning after the night I spent singing on stage with Damien Rice’ look. Y’know, because that’s I roll on Fridays.

For those who haven’t seen my endless enthusing about this on Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook, I should probably explain. My choir (London City Voices, in case you’re wondering) was summoned to provide backing vocals for the final night of Damien’s world tour at the London Palladium. During the final number all 73 of us snuck quietly on to the back of the stage behind a gauze, which was lit from the front so that the audience couldn’t see us. During the final song – Trusty and True – we started singing, the lights came up on us and suddenly the audience could see us. And this being the era of the smartphone, they photographed and videoed us! Thank you instagram for this blurry memento of an incredible night.

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Our entire performance was acoustic, as there was no space for the mics once we were on stage. Luckily we’re quite a noisy bunch. Mind you the crowd gave us a run for our money – 2,500 people can make a hella lot of noise if they choose to! Getting a reception like that is definitely a highlight of my choir career. Singing makes me feel so alive, and there is no buzz quite like live performance.

As for the afternoon, well what would you do with an empty Saturday afternoon with grey rain beating on the windows? Get the sewing machine out? Of course you would. And I did.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous crabulous week, and I shall see you all at the weekend. xx

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