Finding some festive mojo

DSC_0022_editFor anyone who feels that you-know-what should be confined to just one day in December, this might not be the post for you…  Because I love Christmas more than just about any other holiday in the entire year. And why should so much amazing food, and light, and family fun be restricted to just one day? The trick is not not exhaust all your festive feeling in one go. So no tree for me yet, just a few little festive touches to add some special glamour to the everyday grind of getting up and foraging for underpants.

My Christmas buzz started a couple of weekends back with a visit from one of my best friends. We mooched around town in the pouring rain, and sought sanctuary in the beautiful sanctum of peace and glory that is Liberty. If I could live anywhere in London it would be Liberty. I’d make a tent out of strawberry thief print tana lawn in the haberdashery department, and conduct daring raids on the Charbonnel et Walker stand for salted caramel truffle sustenance. At night I’d unpack all the Diptyque candles and make my little tent smell like Christmas. And I’d invite everyone over for sophisticated tea parties in the homeware department, where we would recline in faux-Moroccan arm chairs and rest our feet on random life size leather pigs (yes these are real). But I massively digress.

I’ve had one of those weeks that has been crazy busy, but a lot of good stuff has happened. From little things like the release of a new Pokemon game, which is mostly responsible for my blogging fail over the past week (#sorrynotsorry), to much bigger career-type things that feel very exciting. Plus also the looming Big Adventure. I have two weeks of work left before I disappear for three months so everything is a little manic! But because of that, I think a few Christmas treats, like the first homemade mince pie, some cheap silver lights from Sainsburys, and a not-so-cheap scented candle that smells like the best mulled wine you ever drank, are a completely legitimate way of finding a bit of fun. Especially when you’re so busy that you can’t remember how the hairdryer works.

I plan on being back to normal sewing behaviour and blogging schedule (Wednesdays and Saturdays) next week, but until then please do feel free to join me in my Liberty Christmas fantasy land.

What do you think?