Postcards from South East Asia

As I write this I am bumping and rattling my way across the Australian outback from Darwin to Alice Springs, using probably the greatest form of transport known to man: the sleeper train. I’ll write a longer post on mine and Chris’s Ghan experience later, but suffice to say that trains are my favourite way to travel, and sleeper trains have that extra sprinkling of glamour that I find completely irresistible. Anyway, before I launch into a series on how much I love Australia (answer: a lot, and it’s only been three days), here is a little flashback to all the joys of South East Asia.

**Kota Kinabalu**

Night market food / Amazing fabric shopping / Epic sunsets / Tiny crabs


Proboscis monkeys / Hornbills / Gomantong cave / Jungle / Tiny sunbirds


Orangutans / Sunbears / More sunbirds / More jungle / Sarongs

**Kuala Lumpur**

Towers / Jalan Alor / Gombak / Stalk-eyed flies


Cocktails in the Raffles Hotel / Strolling around the F1 street circuit

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