What do you think?

  • I love this. I’ve never knitted before but am rather taken with the WOOL AND THE GANG stuff. are the patterns easy to follow and do you think as a complete novice I would be able to make something simple? I’d appreciate any advice you can give.

    • Each pattern has a difficulty rating, and I think they’re pretty accurate. The patterns are very easy to follow – they come in a little booklet that contains both the pattern and how tos for all the techniques you need (casting on and off, different stitches etc). WATG also have lots of video tutorials on YouTube, which you can find through their website, which cover everything from the basics through to more complex techniques. The first piece I made of their was a hat, which is a lovely simple project. Quick gratification! This red coat was actually listed as an easy pattern, because each panel is just a rectangle all worked in the same stitches with no increases or decreases. Their kits are quite expensive, so if you have never knitted before I would recommend getting some cheap needles/yarn and load up a few videos to learn the basics before you make the investment. Or keep an eye out for the WATG sales, when they sometimes discount knit kits and yarn. I hope all that helps, and happy knitting!

      • Thank you so much for your reply. Yep that helps. I’m loving your blog too. Your pictures are amazing and I’m totally envious of the trip you are on. Looking forward to your next post about it. XX

  • Hi Lizzy, I’ve come across your blog by googling “WATG red cross country coat” as I wasn’t 100% confident to make the coat in red – well, I have never owned any red coat. It is so nice to see a finished project in real life. Thank you very much for a lovely posting, my WATG order in red is on the way 😉

    • Ooh, that’s so exciting! I hope you have fun making it, it’s a lovely pattern. I wasn’t sure about the red either – I wear a lot of navy and cream and black, so red seemed a little crazy. But it’s always more fun to work on projects in beautiful colours!