Song of the Stitch is… travelling


As this post goes up Chris and I will be waking up to our first full day in Kota Kinabalu, capital city of Sabah in the north of Borneo. This is the first stop of our three month travel adventure, that will take us down through Malaysia and Singapore, around both North and South Australia, through New Zealand and California and finally back home to London via New York.

Given that I’m being parted from my sewing machine for three months (sob!) the content of Song of the Stitch is going to change a little. Obviously there will be fewer sewing projects, although I will have a sewing kit with me so there may be some simple hand sewing if I feel daring. There will definitely be knitting – as well as my two jumpers that I have yet to finish, I have a new sweater dress that I’m working on. My luggage is about 50/50 split between clothes made and clothes bought, so I’ll try to do a few ‘me mades in action’ type posts. There will also be fabric shopping. I have been given a lot of fabric recommendations for Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to scouring the markets of KK and Kuala Lumpur for bargains.

Chris and I will also be writing regular travel posts as well, and uploading the vast numbers of photographs that we plan on taking. If you’re interested in something more substantial than my casual snaps you can find Chris’s travel photography blog here. And following on from the success of 2014 Handmade Favourites, I am planning to try and film more video while we’re away as well.

I’m rather looking forward to having three months to play at being a professional blogger!

Image is from the ‘Tabulae Rudolphinae’ or Rudolphine Tables, a collection of astronomical charts written by astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1627. As maps of the Earth go, I think it’s pretty cool!

What do you think?