Handmade travel wardrobe in action!






DSC_0020_editScouring the jungle for orangutans / A spot of jungle bird watching / Red shorts on the beach / White linen for island life / Going in search of food

Just a little post today to show you just how much wear my handmade travel wardrobe is getting! I’m really happy with the pieces I’ve brought with me, all of them are holding up well and in three weeks I’ve not had to do any mending (touch wood). As suspected, Cocos make fantastic travel garments being perfectly at home in (gentle) jungle environments and sweltering cities. Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing a skirt to see orangutans, the wee beggers are so curious sometimes that you risk having one of them try to climb underneath. Thankfully this did’t happen to me, but the park did have a number of warning notices.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting some sewing withdrawal though. After my last post on my sewing plans for 2015, I’ve been feeling really keen to get started! I bought some gorgeous navy linen in Singapore, which will be featured on here very soon, and it is just screaming at me to become a Merchant and Mills trapeze dress. I need to come up with another simple travel sewing project like my sarong and fast. Any suggestions you may have please ping them my way stat!

Chris and I are just back from a fantastic trip to Uluru, probably one of the most recognisable central Australian landmarks. We watched the sunset turn the red Australian dust to fire, and slept out under a canopy of stars. We’re tanned by the desert sun, and all of our bags have a generous coating of glorious red sand. We’re now making our way to Adelaide for a few days, before beginning an epic road trip around the coast to Sydney. Watch this space for an update later in the week!

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