What do you think?

  • Regarding the neckline, you could try slipping the first stitch of each row instead of knitting it (I always do this in stocking stitch, it makes for much neater, prettier edges) – that might help the ‘steps’ of the cast offs blend a bit better. Alternatively, does the pattern call for any finishing on the neckline, like a border of any kind? If so, you’ll probably pick up stitches just below the steppy bits, so they won’t show. If not, you could always add one anyway (patterns are made to be broken, right?!) – a nice row or two of crochet would look ace, either in the same colour or a contrast.

    Hope that helped!

    Loving the Song of the Stitch World Tour by the way….


    • The crochet idea is ace, thank you! I’ve just checked my pattern and I think it includes a band, but I might actually miss that bit in favour of some hooky action :).

      Glad your enjoying the travel scribbles – it’s been so nice to have loads to time to write whatever comes into my head. Although I have been known to sulk when, after two hours of careful post construction and photo editing, there is no suitable wifi available to upload it! I really need to work on that technology dependence thing…


  • I do love a good crochet edging. I don’t actually know *how* to crochet, so I may not be doing what the designer had in mind, but I’m making something pretty at least…!

    Can’t wait to see the finished item 🙂 x