South East Asia fabric haul [new video!]

South East Asia fabric haul_editThree cities in South East Asia, three fabric shopping trips. And while I tried very hard to be good and not buy everything, my luggage is still heavier by about two kilos! I may have to post some of it back to myself, but at the moment I just can’t bear to be parted from my new toys. But I am feeling rather smug about the sweatshirts, as it turns out that Adelaide is actually quite cold at this time of year, almost UK summertime temperatures. Haha, unnecessary impulse shopping wins again!

Honestly, If I’d had time I would have re-shot this video. Please excuse the unflattering camera angles – I’d swear my face isn’t that chubby, nor do I have that many chins! – and the fact that I forgot to put in contact lenses. I’ve accepted the fact that I will never care enough to have a perfectly polished appearance – I don’t wear makeup and my hair is pretty much perma-tousled – but I could have brushed my hair a little more effectively. Oh well, that’s life! I had half an hour to make a video before dinner and I nabbed it. I promise the next one will be better!

Speaking of which, any video suggestions are most welcome – stick ’em in the comments box.

I’ll be back around Wednesday with a wee travel update for you all, and more hand made wardrobe adventures on Saturday. This is of course wifi permitting, but it turns out that Adelaide city has spectacular free wifi. Mwahahaha.

What do you think?