Wardrobe architect inspiration

In the absence of a sewing machine my mind has been very preoccupied with wardrobe planning. The kind of planning that wakes you up at 5am as your mind gleefully shouts ideas at you while you desperately try to go back to sleep. This inevitably lead to my reading the entire Wardrobe Architect series from Colletterie. Which is incidentally great reading even if you are not a sewer – simply substitute the steps that involve selecting patterns and sewing with shopping. While I can’t get on to the applied aspects of the series yet, namely clearing out the closet behemoth, I can start compiling my inspiration. To Pinterest!

wardrobe architect inspiration (850x682)

As you can see, my love of neutrals persists. Navy, grey, black, white, love ’em. Trousers are seemingly a passion, either elegantly tailored, long and flowing or super skinny leggings. And I do love a loose white mens shirt. I love unusual design details, like a split or a crossover front. And give me textures, ooh delicious textures. Currently I am yearning to make a bomber jacket in mesh fabric. Dresses and skirts are not completely out, but I prefer relaxed loose styles that hang from the shoulders and leave the waist free to eat burgers. All worn with elegant flat brogues, or possibly even a simple sneaker (and this from a person who always swore that white trainers were for sports only!). I might stretch to a black ballet pump, so long as there is no bow on the front.

wardrobe architect inspiration 2

Actually getting my Pinterest on has helped to focus my 5am crazy moments, because all these images tend to have two main things in common, and it’s pretty clear which patterns I need to focus on next.

  1. I need to sort me some good trouser patterns, specifically some sharper, more tailored styles. I love the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers, and one of my main aims for this year is to get the fit perfected, but I would like to add some looser styles to my repertoire.
  2. Shirts! I need to take a deep breath and make one. One of the pieces in my travel wardrobe that I have grown to ADORE is a white cotton ‘boyfriend’ (??) shirt from Marks and Spencer. Being able to make one myself is very high on my pattern conquest list.

We have just arrived in Melbourne, home of Tessuti and other such marvellous places, so perhaps I can start my hunt for patterns now!

Oh yeah, happy Valentines’ Day chaps. If Chris and I stick to our V-Day trads we’ll tucking into some steak and a hefty bottle of red right about now. Smooches y’all.

What do you think?

  • Enjoy Melbourne! It is one of my favourite cities to visit. I don’t get down there as often as I like. Make sure you check out The Fabric Store and also Clear It that is a couple doors down from the fabric store. They have fabric upstairs and sell a lot of Alannah hill fabric.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m going in search of fabric today, starting in Flinder’s Lane. We got a great first impression of the city, as Sunday appeared to be street food festival day! Souvlaki and calamari in Lonsdale Street followed by all manner of Asian goodness on the Southbank. Mmmm, char sui pork buns…