Little projects: t-shirts and trouser edits

DSC_0045_editWe have a painter in at the moment, which means that every room is covered in plastic dust sheets and undercoat. So for these photos I decided to just embrace the slightly scruffy background. Sort of industrial chic no? And got covered in sanding dust in the process. Oops.

Anyway, enough about domestic upheaval. As well as my striped linen trousers, I’ve completed two other projects since getting back from my travels, both small, filler type projects, but deeply satisfying. It all started with the pair of loose blue chambray trousers that I made all the way back in January to take around the world with me. I wore them pretty much non stop, from the jungles of Sabah to the deserts of central Australia, and they were phenomenal.

DSC_0014_editI never thought chambray would become one of my favourite fabrics, but blow me down, I am head over tushy in L-O-V-E. Holy cow this fabric ages well, growing a little softer with each wash, and staying safely on the chic side of faded. However, baggy trousers are not part of my day to day London get up. I prefer skinnier legs that gently graze the ankle, so I performed a little surgery, cropping the legs to just below the knee and cutting them into a more tapered shape. I also replaced the drawstring with elastic.

Not exactly work wear trousers, but perfect for slovenly summers in the park. Oh, and I only went and added some FRIGGING POCKETS. BOOM.


DSC_0022_editSeriously though, I am in love with these pockets, they’re so perfect and soft and secret. The swimmers fabric has been in my stash forever, and this seemed like the perfect use for it. Whenever I slip my hand inside I get a lovely satisfied glow that I created such a perfect little patterned pocket.

After this trousery triumph I moved on to my striped Laura pants, and those were barely cooled from their final pressing before I started cutting out my next little project: my first t-shirt.


DSC_0051_editThe pattern is actually the men’s tee pattern from the latest Sewing Bee book, Fashion with Fabric. (I feel this title is a little redundant. I await the sequel, Fashion with Paperclips with bated breath). Men’s tee my butt, this pattern is totes unisex. I made up the size small and the fit is lovely, plus this is the perfect make for instant fashion gratification. Keen-eyed readers may note that the sleeves and hem are not finished yet. This is because I’m lazy, and because this garment is definitely of the ‘wearable toile’ variety.

DSC_0032_editSadly this grey fabric is not exactly delicious; it’s a cotton interlock that I bought it from Tia Knight ages ago to make a Coco thinking it was a much paler colour. Grey always looks better when it’s textured, as in grey marl knit fabric, but this is just a weird, solid, slightly green grey colour. Such is the hazard of online fabric shopping. Oh well. I also have some lovely scraps of navy and stripes in my stash, but none big enough for the pattern, so this first attempt had to be grey.

DSC_0015_editYou can’t go wrong with a simple tee, and I am dead chuffed to add this baby to my pattern repertoire. I want to run up a couple more before Me Made May in white, navy and grey marl. Wish me luck in the great online fabric ordering lottery!

What are your go to projects for instant gratification?

What do you think?