Me Made May ’15: The Pledge

Me Made May

“I, Lizzy Harley, sewist, scientist, savant and author of Song of the Stitch, hereby pledge to wear at least one me made garment every day for the duration of May 2015.”

“In addition I will also learn how to make bitchin’ button up shirts”

Who else is taking part in Me Made May this year? I half-arsedly posted a handful of instagrams last year, at about the time I was really starting to get serious about dressmaking, but this year I am prepared, I am pumped, and I have pledged.

Wearing a garment from my me made wardrobe every day for a month isn’t the challenge it would have been this time last year. I tend to wear one of my own creations most days, and now I am back to my normal sewing habits and prodigious rate of production, I should have no shortage of new things to play with. I’ve just started making my own t-shirts, and have another batch of lovely interlock jersey going for a spin in the dryer, so these will definitely be making an appearance during the month.

But the whole point of #MMM is that it should involve a challenge, something that pushes you and your sewing just that little bit further. My challenge will be shirts. I’ve mentioned already that 2015 will be the year that I master the art, and produce shirts so beautiful as to make Patrick Grant go weak at the moustache, and what better time to make a start than the sewing-mad month of May. I have ordered the Grainline Archer pattern, and am going to begin with a nice piece of white muslin from my stash as a toile. This is on like Donkey Kong.

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