A tour of my sewing space [new video!]

Sewing-room-tour-song-of-the-stitch-850x478Hands up who else has their sewing space tucked into the corner of a spare bedroom??

Last weekend I finally got my video hat back on and recorded a tour of my sewing space. When I first started Song of the Stitch (almost a year ago, crikey!) I wrote about where I sew and shared some pictures of my space and storage. Since then there have been a few big improvements, most notably my pattern storage, so I thought it was about time for an update! What I don’t show in the video is the barely contained chaos of fabric storage under the bed.

One day I’ll have something beautiful and colour-coordinated, as suggested by Apartment Therapy (I’ve got my eye on number 3), but that will have to wait for another time.

Chris and I are actually quite lucky, in that we have a spare room large enough to accommodate both our desks and room for guests. He has his man cave on one side of the room (spolier: it is entirely optimised for video games) and I have my sewing/blogging/creative zone on the other side. We’re currently in the process of prepping our home for sale, so that we can finally make the move out of London, and one big item on our new house wishlist is a room large enough to be a joint study. Having that communal space is one of my favourite things about our current home, simply because we just enjoy hanging out together. Even if I can barely hear anything over the rattle of the sewing machine and his ears are full of the squeals of digital tyres.

Where do you sew? And how do you cope with fitting yourself into a small space, or even sharing the space? Share your space-saving wisdom!

What do you think?