Crisp white Grainline Archer shirt

Grainline Archer shirt | Song of the StitchI tried to think of all sorts of clever titles for this post, but eventually decided to just call a spade a spade. Or indeed a shirt. Finally, after dropping around four million teases, I got round to photographing my Grainline Archer button up shirt. My challenge for Me Made May 2015, a wardrobe staple and one of the most satisfying garments I have ever sewn. I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I enjoy wearing my clothes more than I enjoy making them. But Archer was sheer sewing pleasure; puzzling out the positions of twenty different pieces of fabric and interfacing was an intellectual challenge and a creative treat.

Grainline Archer shirt 1

Grainline Archer shirt 3

Grainline Archer shirt 2A great white shirt is all about the details, and for me that is where Archer excels. The pleat at the centre back and on the cuffs, the classic curved hem and the sharp collar points. The fabric – white cotton poplin from Cloth House – holds a beautiful shape that has both crispness and drape. It also creases if you breathe on it too hard, but so long as I stand perfectly still it looks spectacular. I also love the cut of this shirt. None of the princess pleats or fussy darts that put me off women’s shirts at school, just a classic straight shape.

Grainline Archer shirt 6

Grainline Archer shirt 4Ok, so there are a few niggles here. My collar may or may not be on inside out. The top stitching is a little wonky on one cuff. And on the other is a rogue button hole, cunningly concealed by the button. But for a first attempt at a complex pattern I see nothing but perfection. And an inside out collar. Ehem.

For my next project I’ve got another Grainline pattern lined up: the Morris blazer. I’m just waiting on my fabric and interfacing so can get started! After shirts the next challenge on my list is jackets, and so many beautiful Morrises have been popping up in blog land of late that I just had to have one of my very own. As part of my resolution to be better at Pinterest I have been madly collating Morris inspiration on my ‘Wardrobe Sewing’ board…

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I need one in navy, one in grey, and I’ve seen some really sexy navy window pane check fabric somewhere on the internet. Is it excessive to have three?

What do you think?