Making a start on a Morris blazer

DSC_0489_editI’m totally rocking the sleeveless look this season, because fierce. Ok, that’s a lie, but I haven’t been able to do any sewing for well over a week now so when I found the time to make a start on a Morris blazer I got a little over excited and had to take some pictures!

The reason I’ve not been able to sew for a few days is a stupid one: I fell of a climbing wall last week and sprained my ankle, which is now giant and purple and bruised. I’ve never actually damaged myself like this or broken anything before so initial pain and the healing process are extremely alien. I can’t deal with all the sitting still! I’ve been spending a lot of time resting, immobilising, compressing, elevating and generally confined to the sofa with a bag of frozen peas for company. Hence I’ve been chain watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, living on Pinterest and firing up the old crochet skills again (more on that story later).DSC_0490_editAnyhoo, back to the blazer. Yesterday was the first time I could really move around comfortably since the sprain, so I spent my evening cutting out, interfacing and making the first stitches. So far the back and front are all stitched together, and one sleeve is pinned in place and ready to insert. You know that feeling you get when you’re halfway through a project and you start to get really excited about how it will come out? That’s how I feel about this jacket: I cannot wait to style this up. Obviously it’s in my favourite fashion colour – navy – so it should fit seamlessly into my closet. I see this worn over a classic striped mini dress, or perhaps with my lovely big Merchant and Mills Oxford bags.

In other news, I have also (finally) got my mitts on a copy of She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada. I ordered it from Waterstones and Amazon when it was released in the UK at the beginning of June, and neither company could get it to me within three weeks (what???), so I turned to eBay and found a seller who could ship it right away, and for less money.

DSC_0498_editI was very excited about this book because in a market dominated by variations on the ‘sew your own vintage wardrobe’ theme it is really refreshing to see a book of straightforward women’s clothes that don’t insist on nipping in your waist or scooping out your neckline. And the book lives up to that initial promise, in spite of that hideous title. The patterns are straightforward and elegant, and there are a couple that I would certainly like to make, including the striped epaulette top and the tapered trousers.

My main complaint is that the largest pattern in the book is too small for me. Say what?? I have a lot of Japanese pattern books on my shelves, and there is always at least one size that fits me (usually the XL, sigh). And sadly for all other sewing books, the Merchant and Mills Workbook now exists and has, at least for me, dramatically raised the bar for what I expect from a sewing book. Nothing less than the gorgeous hybrid of editorial photography and classically tailored patterns will do it for me these days! Demanding much?

Anyhoo, that’s the skinny from my neck of the woods. Hopefully before too long I will have a completed jacket to show you. But now I have to dash. Me and my purple ankle have a hot date with a bag of frozen peas.

What do you think?