Song of the Stitch is one year old!

Crazily enough it’s been just over a whole year since my first post as Song of the Stitch. A year ago I had two me made tops, a skirt and a slightly wonky dress to my name. Today I am sitting writing this post wearing a newly completely pair of tailored trousers and a simple tee, both made by me. I have focussed on making elegant, basic garments that I want to wear every day, and while my wardrobe is currently far emptier than it’s ever been, I have never been happier with the contents.

Favourite projects

This time last year I was a very timid seamstress. The majority of my sewing involved altering existing garments, and I had very few pieces made from scratch that I really liked. My early projects that made the blog were very simple – basic tops, a straghtforward skirt or two – but these had a phenomenal impact upon my confidence. I wouldn’t say I feel skilled enough to tackle any project in any fabric, but I’ll at least give it a go without fear.

Favourite videos

I took the plunge and finally started making semi-regular videos for my Song of the Stitch YouTube channel. Ok, so there are only five up their so far, but I have plenty of ideas in the pipeline!

Big Life Stuff

What with one thing and another, 2014/2015 turned out to be a big year of serious yet awesome life developments.

  • My wedding at the end of July kicked things off in grand style. I’m not much of a one for online displays of mush, but weddings are pretty cool. We got to celebrate 12 years of finishing each other’s sentences surrounded by all our most favourite people, and it was perfect. Plus now I get to call him ‘hubsy’, ‘hubatron’, ‘hubalicious one’ and occasionally ‘oafs-band’ on a daily basis. Which is awesome.
  • As part of mine and Chris’s round the world adventures, I got to realise a life-long dream to visit my family in Australia, and we visited some amazing countries and places along the way. All our travel posts (so far) can be found here.

And now for the next big adventure: moving house. We’ve both fallen in love with the idea of a project house, a period shell that we can take and turn into something beautiful. Watch this space… Oh, and if 2015 wasn’t hectic enough already, I am starting a new job in August. I don’t think you could ever accuse either of us of resting on our laurels!

A bit of fun

You never know what the internet is going to like, but what I have learned is that there’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to get people engaged. There’s nothing like digging into your photo and sewing archives for some bloggy inspiration.

So there you have it, one year in the world of Song of the Stitch!

Now it’s over to you: what do you want to see more (or indeed less) of on Song of the Stitch? A year ago I had no idea that anyone would be interested in reading about a slapdash moron making a lot of navy/grey/white clothes, and I am beyond grateful that you all pop by for a read. Thank you for every page view, every comment and every email. Now that you are here, I’d really like to get your input, so please tell me what you want to read (or indeed watch!) on here in the future!

Peace out hombres, you rock.

What do you think?