Writing a sewing diary

Fashionary sewing diaryDo you keep a diary of your crafting exploits?

I’ve been meaning to start a sewing diary forever. Generally, and with occasional embarrassing exceptions, my memory is pretty sprightly and good at the old fact retention. I thrive on general knowledge and pointless facts, the kind of stuff that wins University Challenge. But there came a point when I realised that I couldn’t hold all the details of my on-the-fly the pattern alterations in my head at once. I can’t remember how much I took out of the Ultimate Trousers seam allowance to make them fit, or what I did to that skirt waistband to make it sit nicely. Sadly I haven’t a clue. So I treated myself to an A4 Fashionary (I was so excited when I discovered that these exist!) and spent an evening putting in the details of my last three projects.

Fashionary sewing diaryEach project gets a page, with a sketch of the finisher garment, a swatch of fabric and as many notes as possible on everything from construction details to the quality of the finish to what I would do differently next time. For future projects I want to include detailed information on the machine settings I used for each project. I still haven’t quite worked out how to get the best results from my twin needle yet, and the scientist in me feels the need to experiment and collect data!Fashionary sewing diary

Fashionary sewing diaryThere are only four entries in my journal so far, but already I get tremendous pleasure just flocking through it. I’ve just finished writing up the entry for my shirt project, which you can get a little video peek at in my last post, if you missed it!

What notes do you make about your projects?

What do you think?