Summer dressing: Merchant and Mills Saltmarsh skirt [New video!]

Summer pattern review video | Song of the StitchAfter Tuesday’s lengthy ramble about dressmakers on YouTube and why I think it’s Really Good Thing, and because my last Merchant and Mills pattern review was a blog post, I felt I should probably put my camera where my mouth is (or words to that effect) and do a video review for my latest project!

It actually took me two goes to film this video properly – I’ve been having some issues with the microphone on my camera and the sound was practically inaudible on the first attempt. Hopefully this version is an improvement…

Anyway, I’ve been working on sprucing up my summer wardrobe recently (just in time for the beautiful grey wet weather we’ve been enjoying!). I also mention this in the video, but I am not terribly clever when it comes to summer dressing. Big sweaters, chunky woollen fabrics, those are the things that really get me excited about my wardrobe, and I just tend to feel a bit ‘meh’ about summer clothes! But I decided to give the Merchant and Mills Saltmarsh skirt pattern a go, and on the whole I’ve really happy with it. This is a much simpler pattern than the Strides, but still deeply satisfying to sew. M&M are big on the use of linen for their patterns, so I decided to cut into some purple/lilac metallic linen that I bought in Singapore and have been umming and aahing over for ages. The result is a lovely swooshy summer skirt, which will be perfect if we ever see the sun again!

In other news, this is my last week at my current job, so I’m equal parts excited, nervous and sad. I’ve got some time off next week (just in time for my birthday!) and the week after, and I have already earmarked a few days for a fabric shopping trip and a sewing binge. Just in time for Tilly’s new pattern releases! Have you seen Bettine and Fifi yet? Her last couple of releases haven’t really been my style, but I’m very excited about the Bettine dress – I reckon it could look very chic in my preferred colour palette.

Hope you are all having a super week, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for some weekend sunshine!

What do you think?