What do you think?

  • Oooh, I ‘discovered’ Cloth House last week on a rare trip to London and loved it. Can’t wait to see your haul. Perhaps a youtube show-and-tell?

  • I know the feeling on being burnout, I have been feeling the same recently! I do love curling up with a book and I’m definitely getting back into it! Have you watched the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV show? It is ACE and I think you would love it!

    Maria xxx

    • OMG, I LOVE the Miss Fisher telly series – I binged on the first two series when I found them on Netflix, and I cannot wait for series 3 to be added. Apparently it has finished airing in Australia now, so hopefully not too long to wait!

  • Can’t wait to see your new sewing projects Lizzy! I’ll be back in the UK for a visit soon and am adding Cloth House and Merchant & Mills to my must-visit list!

    • I definitely recommend them – both a little pricey, but the stock is really special. Just had a cheeky look at your Kollabora page, and I love your Morris blazer!! Such a beautiful colour. I’m also very jealous that you live in Melbourne, I was lucky enough to visit earlier this year (for the first time!) and just loved it. Especially Tessuti 🙂 xxx

  • Hello! I’m just popping by from the Blogtacular FB group. I had an impromptu blogging break over the summer too. Sometimes life is just more important, yes? It sound like you had a good time anyway. I’m now following some of your online place. Nice to meet you! x

    • Aw, thank you! I agree, sometimes you just need to get some space from online life – I’ve just started a new job that involves a lot of social media and running a wordpress site, so by the time I get home the thought of spending any more time on a computer feels like too much! But I’m working out the balance. Are you heading to Blogtacular next year? I had such fun at the last one that going to next year’s was a no-brainer!