What do you think?

  • That video’so quite a motivator – I’ve got the pattern pieces for my first Archer all traced and ready to go, but now my Morris Blazer pattern has arrived, so it’s a toss-up for which one I do first. I’m more scared of the Archer, a lot of new techniques for me to learn.
    Oh, and I love the fish mug!

    • I was terrified of the Archer – to date it’s probably the most complicated pattern I have attempted. The best advice I can give is to take it very slowly – it’s so easy to loose track of which piece is which! There’re no particularly challenging techniques in there apart from setting in the sleeves and doing the cuff plackets. Everything else is straight stitching, and topstitching. Press everything multiple times, it really helps! Some of the steps didn’t immediately make sense to me, so often before sewing I would pin everything together to see how it would turn out first. Good luck! The Morris blazer is a much simpler pattern and makes a lovely garment, but the Archer is so satisfying.

  • Ah the Archer shirt looks great. It’s such a great pattern. I bought it a while back, measured between two sizes and traced off the smaller, worked through a toile then found it was much too small for me to wear it while staying decent. It was a really hard shirt to make too, so I’m yet to go back and do it properly. But a slow summer sew might call for this again.

    • I think this is a style that works quite well as ‘oversized’ – the size I like is actually a bit too long in shoulders for me, but I really like that larger, more relaxed feel. Good luck with having a second go at this! It is a tough pattern, but definitely worth the pain! xx