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Striped Coco Dress | Song of the Stitch

Striped Coco Dress | Song of the StitchSometimes you just need a really lazy Sunday. Other than spending hours in bed watching telly with the husband, and washing a lot of pants, I’ve done blissful amounts of nothing. In a bit I’m going to take a glass of wine and go run my (now) customary Sunday night bath, pop a bad movie on Netflix and continue the laziness. Only with more bubbles.

But right now I wanted to share a few snaps of my favourite lazy lounging outfit. We all have those patterns that fall into the ‘comfort sewing’ bracket right? Coco was the first pattern I ever posted on this blog, and periodically I feel the need for a quick, simple gratifying sew that yields great results every time. This time I did a bit of doctoring to my usual size 3 by removing all the waist shaping, by redrawing the side seams as a straight line connecting armpit and hem. The change in shape plus a beautiful soft French terry with lovely drape, bought from Cloth House on my birthday, made for a perfect relaxed garment.

DSC_0661_editI feel a bit like I’m wearing a beach towel, and I just want to mooch around barefoot along a beach somewhere dipping my toes in the surf.DSC_0636_editI’m gearing up for my next big challenge project – a winter coat! – so getting in this bit of instant gratification felt totally justified before taking on something trickier.

In other news, I’ve bought a new blogging toy: a remote for my camera! Not all that exciting really, but it did make taking these photographs so much easier. In some of my previous posts (here, here and here) I was working with the self-timer and trying to get the right focus and exposure while holding a pose and getting the shot I wanted was a total pain! Plus getting my videos properly focussed was always a faff. All solved for the princely sum of £4.DSC_0659_editRight, the bubbles are calling me. As is the wine!

What’s your lazy comfort sewing?

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