Circular needles knitting bag Weekend bookHowdy doody internet chums, how are we all doing today? Today’s blog post is a bit of a chatty ramble. As usual it is Sunday afternoon, I’ve got my current favourite podcast playing (A Playful Day), and as well as plotting this blog post I’m also making a list of craft projects. Finally. Watch out 2016, I’ve got a to do list for you.

I’ve had a real yen for knitting recently, which is definitely my go-to craft for burned-out stressy “oh-crap-why-is-it-so-dark-all-the-feckin’-time” time. My friend Hannah gave me this rather cheeky knitting pouch as a Christmas present, because she is a legend who knows exactly what I like. As a devotee of super bulky yarn, big balls definitely do it for me. Oh yes. Jen Geigley, author of Weekend: Simple Modern Knits* seems to agree with me, because almost all the projects in her book involve chunky squooshable sensation. I’ll do a proper review once my first Weekend project is finished.

Actually, I’m a bit obsessed with Weekend at the moment because it ticks all my boxes for natural neutral colours, minimalist design, and fat-ass yarn. Oh, and white walls. Over the past week I’ve been in full-on house mode, moving from room to room with a tin of off-white paint neutralising yellow walls as I go. Oh the joy, the incredible joy, of taking an ugly room and making it your own with a new coat of fresh, white paint.

So while I’ve been feeling like the queen of home DIY of late, I haven’t channelled so much of that energy into sewing. This weekend I decided to kick-start the first sewing project of 2016, which I will photograph and share properly when it isn’t pitch black outside! Without giving away too many spoilers, this is a pretty special project because I finally got around to using a pattern that I DRAFTED MYSELF way before Christmas, before we moved house even. Watch this space. I’ve also been on a crazy Cloth House bender, topping up my stash of cotton interlock jersey and getting excited about rattling out a few Papercut Rise turtleneck tops. There’s nothing like beautiful new fabric to get the old mojo fired up.

Song of the Stitch 2016 project list (so far…)

  • Papercut ‘Rise’ turtleneck tops in black, navy and grey marl interlock jersey,
  • Weekend by Jen Geigley ‘Undone’ sweater,
  • Socks! I want to knit my own socks so badly,
  • Sew Over It ‘Ultimate’ trousers with high waist and waistband.

That’s probably enough to be going on with! What do you want to make in 2016?

What do you think?