Back to school whites

I’m not in the market for back to school blues. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty blue that the Christmas holiday is finally over, and that as of tomorrow my day to day existence isn’t simply about pleasing myself any more. But rather than give into some truly epic Sunday sulks, I decided to scout through our new home for a location to take photographs of my latest project. DIY white skirtThe spot I found is a little lean-to against the side of the house, with a flagged floor, high beamed ceiling and bright white-washed walls. The previous owner used it as a painting studio, and I reckon that on miserable wet days this may well be my go to wet-weather photography location!

But I digress, let’s talk sewing. In the corner of my sewing room I have a pile of clothes waiting to be repaired, remodelled or re-purposed. I bet that every sewist has a similar pile somewhere, garments that you aren’t ready to part with because they might just have more life in them somewhere. Am I right? Anyway, sitting in my pile has been a pair of white shorts, bought on a whim in a designer sale one year, which turned out to be the least flattering, most arse-enlarging garment I’ve ever owned.

DSC_0200_editI decided to do a simple skirt conversion, by opening the inside leg seams up to the crotch and creating new centre front and centre back seams. This required a lot of pinning and re-pinning on the mannequin to get the balance right! I left the hem raw, as it was in the original shorts, and tidied everything up with the overlocker. It was all of half an hour of unpicking, re-drafting the seams and stitching, but rescuing an unwearable garment is so deeply satisfying. DSC_0189_edit


This skirt will really come into its own in the summer, with a simple cami and a sleeveless blazer, or a slight spring knit. But for now it’s polo necks and chunky sweaters. I’m such a sucker for texture. Gotta love garter stitch versus waffle weave.DSC_0193_editAnd I have a new indoor place to take photographs! Win win. These pictures are a little moodier than my usual bright, high key low contrast style, but I love them. I’m excited to see how the changing seasons affect the light in this room.DSC_0199_editIf like me you are back to work tomorrow I hope your final evening of freedom is a good one! I’m going to write some more blog posts, eat a tonne of Lebanese takeaway and spend some quality Netflix time getting caught up on Jessica Jones. Easily my favourite telly series of a very long time. I read a fantastic review that summed the story up as being “like Veronica Mars and Buffy got together to talk about all the things they didn’t get right and had a beautiful foul-mouthed baby.”

In other words, my kinda show. Laters!

What do you think?