What do you think?

  • I often think how lovely it would be to live further out and have room for a few fruit trees and a bigger workspace. For a long time I wouldn’t have dared dream of living further than a bike ride out of the city area cause I didn’t drive. But now that I have my license and car my mind and world has expanded. It’s brilliant. Though my van is nowhere near as cute as your car. So good!

    • Hehe, the car is rather cute – although massively impractical (no boot space) and prone to temperamental “my battery is flat, jump start me now” outbursts! But it is amazing how access to driving makes the world seem bigger. I never used to drive in London because the other drivers terrified me, and there was no need anyway because tube. Enjoy your new-found license to explore! xx

  • Living in Cheltenham gives me the best of both worlds: I have the convenience of a city but with the green spaces I grew up with!

    Maria xxx