WIPs and shame

Song of the Stitch work in progress sweatersI made a slightly shameful discovery this weekend.

For a few spare hours I sat on the floor of our study and lovingly sorted my stash of fabrics and yarns into a new home. Fabrics were carefully rolled and sorted into dress lengths and leftovers, and yarn was wound and sorted. Inevitably I found a few WIPs in there; projects that, for whatever reason, never really took off. Nothing so very bad in that. But here’s the shameful part: among my WIPS are three half finished hand knit sweaters. Three. I was aware of two of them, but the third I had completely forgotten about. Add that to the sweater I’m currently working on, and another sweater that is technically finished, but I’m planning to rip it back and make it better, and you have five WIP sweaters. FIVE. I need to make a plan for these sweaters. Now I know the extent of my shame I can’t sit by and ignore that quiet, persistent knocking from inside the stash trunk.Sweaters

Jen Geigley Undone sweater Undone sweater, Jen Geigley in Spud and Chloe Outer (Rhino)

First, I want to get the Jen Geigley Undone sweater off the needles. I’ve been sprinting through this pattern, helped enormously by the deliciously chunky yarn. Of all the sweaters I’ve ever made (or started, ehem), I feel particularly excited about this one, from the style to the colour to the fit. I wriggled into it the other night to test the fit, a tricky exercise given that one of the sleeves is still on a stitch holder, but the shape and fit of the body seems pretty perfect.Wool and the Gang Wes sweater (2)

Wool and the Gang Superbowl and Wes sweaters, Sugar Baby Alpaca (Snow White) and Crazy Sexy Wool (Ivory White)

These two (one and a half) sweaters are pretty delicious because the yarns are so nice, but both have fitting issues, being too short in the body and arms. So realistically I will need to find time to rip them both back and do a little redesign to get the fit right.Wool and the Gang cotton yarn

Wool and the Gang Julia sweater and Freja dress, Shiny Happy Cotton (Pink Lemonade and White Noise)

Finally, two cotton worsted weight sweaters. Working on these sweaters taught me two things: 1) that I’m not a big fan of cotton yarns for knitting, and 2) I REALLY hate moss stitch. All that flipping back and forth between knit and purl is fine for a couple of inches of cuff ribbing, but for an entire sweater body? Not on your frigging nelly. So both of these sweaters are destined to be completely dismantled. But all is not lost, despite my less-than-fuzzy feelings towards cotton worsted, this does work up into a beautiful silky fabric that drapes better than a fainting damsel. I’m seeing some kind of blanket or shawl; I certainly have enough yarn for something sizeable!

To compound my shame, I may have ordered yarn and a pattern for yet another sweater… Send help, I clearly have a sweater commitment problem!

So there you have it, my crafting shame laid bare. What skeletons are hiding in your stash?

What do you think?

  • I’m admiring your cohesive color choices – my WIPs are usually all over the place. And I hear you on the commitment issues regarding sweaters… They are just so time consuming. Good luck with finishing your WIPs!

    • I am making progress, the grey sweater is so close to being done! And I’ve started rewworking one of the cream sweaters to resolve the fit. And I started knitting a brand new one too… oops!! Oh well, I keep telling myself it’s not about the finished garment, it’s all about the process :). xx

  • Hi there, I’m currently finishing off the Superbowl sweater. It’s heartening to know that someone else finds it a little bit short! I was so excited about the project being nearly finished but I guess if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!