What do you think?

  • Thank you for the great article! I enjoyed reading it. I have started to think about the sustainable fabric options myself and the links to suppliers are highliy appreciated 🙂 I love Merchant&Mills.

  • I absolutely enjoyed your article! It is a hard marked to maneuver around, but it is so important that we take it seriously. I also love Merchant & Mills, and I have found a shop here in Denmark that sell their fabrics and other products.
    May I just say that I find both your articles and videos very inspiring. I am trying to make most of my own wardrobe from scratch and your take on home-sewing is much like my own.
    Have a nice day Lizzy! (and sorry for any grammar mistakes :))

    • It can be so hard to keep track. With fabric retailers there is always the risk that while one product line with great eco credentials, another may be more questionable. There are some great brand audit websites out there that can give you an idea of how and where clothes are made! And I love this website – http://www.honestby.com/ – not sure the clothes are my style but they give an amazing breakdown of the production process for each garment. xx

  • One thing I love to do is repurpose fabrics! This really works best when making clothes for little ones (such as making baby pants and shoes out of felted wool sweaters). I also like taking thrifted clothes and putting them back together again. Although it’s not supporting sustainable companies, it is cutting down on waste and avoids adding to the problem of sweat-shop produced fabric and apparel.