What to make when you’re expecting

I felt quite excited sitting down to write this post today. Song of the Stitch was born  as a blog for sewing and making, and lately there hasn’t been a whole lot of honest yarn and fabric play going on round here. Today I felt like changing that.

Crochet Ruby Rabbit Wool and the Gang

Many of the things I treasure most from childhood were made for me by relatives. The animal quilt that my mum made, the jumpers knitted by grandmothers, and the pocket-sized blue dolly crocheted by my great gran. Knowing how important these beautiful objects were to me, once I found out I was pregnant I started planning what I’d like to make for my baby. Sweet little crocheted animals, quilts made of beautiful linen scraps, and maybe even a tiny bib or two. My stash of yarn and fabric contains more than a few lovely bits and pieces, luxurious little leftovers from bigger projects perfect for baby-sized creations.

I always took to crochet more readily than knitting. There’s something so delightfully structural about crochet; each new row feels like an additional layer of construction, a sweep of new mortar across the bricks, and the resulting fabric has such rich texture. Plus when you’re in your third trimester the combination of crochet and Netflix is a great way to pass the time when you feel too weary to climb off the sofa. What do you get when you combine American Gods with a big pile of silky soft cotton yarn? One super snuggly ripple blanket, and two adorable (and tres chic, non?) little bunnies. I hope that Baby Stitch loves them as much as I do.

(If he doesn’t I can at least comfort myself with the knowledge that Instagram liked them a lot. Sigh!)

Quilt Cat

Spreading your current fabric project out on the floor is an automatic invitation for feline friends to get involved, and my parents’ cat is no exception. Caribou does have exceptional fabric taste though; nothing but the very best English wool or Irish linen for her to dig into with her thoughtful little claws. I take her involvement as an endorsement for my baby quilt project, made entirely out of pretty scraps of blue and white linen, rendered soft and supple by washing and age. What’s good enough for this feline diva is certainly perfect for Baby Stitch to curl up in for a snooze. The thought of him actually sleeping under a quilt or blanket that I made makes me feel a bit giddy.

As I was writing this, the little monkey decided it was time for a few somersaults. Presumably just to remind me that it won’t be long until we get to meet properly. Oh small one, it’s still a bit soon, but I am really looking forward to you being an external baby!

What do you think?