What do you think?

  • You are hilarious. The same argument could be made for sewing. Women should not want to learn to sew because it’s a stereotypical girls hobby and definitely not feminist. But, damn it, I’m a feminist and I sew. So it must be a feminist activity. And it so goes, round and round…
    I hope Baby arrives soon and all are healthy.

    • Thank you! I hope so too. And yes, I’ve had the “is sewing a feminist act or not” argument so many times. My feeling is that, like so many crafts, sewing is something that women are reclaiming as a past time rather than something essential that we have to do to clothe our families and keep them warm. So in that respect all our creativity is a feminist act!

  • Oh lovey – you’re definitely over-thinking this one! Blue is just a colour that you love (me too). Also, red, which makes up pink, is a masculine colour … my son’s favourite colour is pink – with no input from me – my favourite colour is purple. It takes all sorts – you choose whatever colour you like xx