Pregnancy diary | The one with the baby

Nearly three weeks ago now I was writing about the final stages of pregnancy, the long heavy weeks that drag on and on with no end in sight. I wrote that piece at my desk, decaf coffee at my elbow and sunshine streaming through the open French windows. 

Cut to three weeks later and I am writing this in bed in the dead of night, rain hammering against the window, and a sleeping baby tucked into my neck. I’m trying to get him just deeply enough asleep so as he’ll go back to his little bed, tucked in tight next to mine, without a fuss. And I’m taking the opportunity too start writing again. 

Baby Benjamin was born safe and sound on 23rd July in the small hours of the morning, exactly 31 years and 4 minutes after his mama (childbirth, exactly what I wanted to be doing on my birthday!). He has Chris’s ears, my nose, the most gorgeous little dark eyes that steal your soul, and I could (and often do) sit and sniff the top of his soft downy head for hours.

We’re slowly learning about each other; he studies my facial expressions as intently as I study his sleeping patterns and bowel movements. Our days have slipped into a gentle pattern of feeding, napping, changing, and snuggling, as Chris and I find our feet as Parents. For now this simple schedule is working well for us, and we can take our time re-entering the world with our little one in tow.

Anyway, I thought I would swing by and let you all know what’s going on. Things will be a little quiet on the blog for the time being while I take a new mummy break and try to enjoy every soft, snuggly, newborn-scented moment.

What do you think?