About Me

Welcome to song + stitch

Lizzy is laughing at the camera, showing just about every tooth in her head. She is wearing a pink t-shirt with the slogan The Rebel Woman's Club

I’m Lizzy. I love afternoon sunshine, the Welsh coastline, and anything with cinnamon. I build the best toy railways you have ever seen. I am a mother (hence the railways), a writer, a scientist, a gentle activist, and a very deep thinker. I do a lot of my thinking in writing, scribbled into reams of notebooks, and here on song + stitch.

This is where I indulge my passion for telling stories.

I’ve been telling tales since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and my love of words has shaped my entire career. I believe that we are connected and empowered by the stories that we share, and that our stories have the power to change the world.

(I am also a classic INFP idealist, can you tell?)

song + stitch has grown out of these beliefs as a place to tell stories, and also to share the craft and experience of being a storyteller.

My Story

Starting my first blog changed my life in a big way. I was in my early twenties, working on my PhD in biology, and one day during a particularly long series of experiments I opened a WordPress.com account and starting writing.

For the first time since childhood I was writing purely for myself, and through the blogging world I began to engage with amazing people that I simply wouldn’t have met in my life offline. I completed my degree and instead of heading off down the academic career path I had always envisioned for myself, I set off down a completely new route. Over the next decade I was a science activist, communicator, and journalist. I built my career on tracking down and sharing the stories of the scientific world.

In 2017 my beautiful little one Benjamin was born, and becoming a mother awakened something huge in my heart. I have always considered myself a feminist, but Ben’s birth prompted the biggest unlearning, relearning, and self-exploration of my life. I wanted to show up as the best and most nourishing form of myself for my child, and this grew into a powerful shift in my identity and values. And as always, writing has been my natural medium to explore and understand this change.

Today I think of myself as a gentle activist (although this sounds a bit wanky so I might change it!), someone who challenges the global system of white supremacist hetero-patriarchy in themselves and others by constant, continued pressure. Through questioning, reflection, and meaningful, sustainable action. Through awareness, humility, and respect.

You won’t always find me at a demonstration (although you will find my Mum!) but you will find me requesting children’s books at the library, writing to my representatives, supporting my local community, and most importantly talking to my child.

Come and say hello!

I’d love to say I’m on most social media, but I’m not! I often take long hiatuses and retreat into books and writing. But you can find me most reliably on Instagram where I am always happy to have a good chat.

Every month I send out my newsletter, Afternoon Stories, in which I share inspiration and ideas for those looking to tell their own stories, and explore how to bring rhythm and simplicity to the practice of writing. If you like the sound of this you can find out more and sign up here.