Can Sewing Your Own Clothes be Sustainable?

Not so long ago, on a long car journey, I came across an episode of the Freakonomics podcast that blew my tiny little mind. Entitled “How Can This Possibly Be True”, the episode explores a famous economic essay (bear with me) in which a pencil (yes, a pencil) makes the astonishing claim that “not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me.”

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Grubby green fingers, or our first summer as “proper” gardeners

When I was about ten I planted one row of radishes and one row of lettuces in a corner of my parents’ garden. Slugs destroyed the lettuces in that single-minded way that slugs do, but the radishes flourished and even managed to taste quite respectable.

Those radishes were playing on my mind over the weekend as I shouldered my fork and trowel to start some spring planting. Up until this point, I wouldn’t call myself a gardener, save for the carnivorous plants I tended lovingly on my London windowsill. But our new garden in Surrey comes with a garden. A rather beautiful garden, lovingly laid out and planted. Over the past few months we’ve watched in awe as the borders spring to life, first green foliage, then white snowdrops, yellow daffodils, golden primroses, bluebells, delicate forget-me-nots and best of all, big scarlet tulips all blooming from the soil.

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WIPs and shame

I made a slightly shameful discovery this weekend.

For a few spare hours I sat on the floor of our study and lovingly sorted my stash of fabrics and yarns into a new home. Fabrics were carefully rolled and sorted into dress lengths and leftovers, and yarn was wound and sorted. Inevitably I found a few WIPs in there; projects that, for whatever reason, never really took off. Nothing so very bad in that. But here’s the shameful part: among my WIPS are three half finished hand knit sweaters. Three.

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How I Broke Up With Fast Fashion

I can be a terribly impatient crafter. For all my love of the garment-creation process, the magic of taking a design from my head and giving it shape in cloth or yarn, I also love playing dress-up. Sometimes a small part of me just wants to have new clothes to play with, and that little voice gets louder and grumpier the longer a project stays incomplete. If I’m not careful that little voice can hijack the process and cause catastrophic crafting failure in the final stages.

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Howdy doody internet chums, how are we all doing today? Today’s blog post is a bit of a chatty ramble. As usual it is Sunday afternoon, I’ve got my current favourite podcast playing (A Playful Day), and as well as plotting this blog post I’m also making a list of craft projects. Finally. Watch out 2016, I’ve got a to do list for you.

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Back to school whites

I’m not in the market for back to school blues. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty blue that the Christmas holiday is finally over, and that as of tomorrow my day to day existence isn’t simply about pleasing myself any more. But rather than give into some truly epic Sunday sulks, I decided to scout through our new home for a location to take photographs of my latest project.

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